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Dr. Carine
Galli Marxer
About me
Two driving forces have always guided my life: exploration and sharing.
This explains why I always worked on interdisciplinary topics and in intercultural environments,
collaborating with other people.
Teaching, sharing my knowledge and my experiences are also part of my many professional activities.

Academic experience
After completing my studies of Physics in Switzerland and Germany,
I successfully carried out my PhD research in different labs into bio-implants and biosensors in Switzerland.
During my Postdoc at Stanford University (USA), I established a new technique to analyse cell membranes.

Managing projects in and out of academia
Because I enjoy being creative, planning and coordinating projects, I started to take a new role
and managed a EU research project in surface science.

Leaving academia, I managed the Swiss Knowledge and Technology Transfer Initiative and
started a Swiss strategic project in the field of radioprotection in medicine.
I am now managing its implementation.

Training researchers
Since 2011 I have been training researchers in institutions of higher education to manage their projects,
to lead their team and to supervise their PhD candidates.

2007-2010: MAS in Project Management, CH
1998-2002: PhD in Science, CH
1993-1998: Master in experimental physics, CH
1996-1998: Master in teaching (Maturitätsschulen LDM, Ecoles de maturité DEEM), CH
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