Examine your project from different sides... and you'll be successful!

Research and predictability
Managing research projects is challenging since you have to deal with the uncertainty of predictability.

Successful and relaxed
Applying dedicated methods and tools from project management will enable you to work towards your goals effectively.

I offer courses to researchers that will enable them to define their research objectives and to develop a plan to reach them successfully.

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Comments of some course participants:
"I think the class/course is a must-do for people pursuing long-term objectives. No one can over-emphasize the importance of planning, but this class offers a comprehensive view of "how" at every stage of the project." Assistant professor.
"The PM course is basically designed for Researchers, Post-docs and PhD candidates. It is of big help for them -- from looking for funding to handling research groups -- and get their research projects accomplished."
"I visited the PM course in the closing phase of my PhD studies and I enormously regretted not having done it before. It really helps to structure a long-term project. I am quite confident, though, that this knowledge will be of great use in future projects to come."
"Unless you already know all this, the course can not only help you plan your own project, that is obvious, but also understand what your boss/supervisor is doing right and wrong. Maybe even take over the initiative."
"The course is certainly valuable to understand the potential of PM, which extends far beyond the classical supervision of a project, as it helps comprehending and mastering the dynamics occurring during the several stages of a project."
"The class helped me to understand some of the obstacles that so far had interfered with the successful completion of projects I was managing - and, more importantly, to overcome most of these obstacles, get an overview of where I stand and substantially gain self-confidence when communicating the progress of my projects."
"In my eyes project management skills are not only important while working on a project, but they are even a prerequisite for a successful research proposal."
"This class changed the way I work. During the hands-on training I learnt all the tools for a successful planning of Projects."
"Although the introduction of the very rich content of the project management course into daily business in short terms was not realistic for me, I realise that parts of it are now integrated in my way of managing scientific projects. And I'm planning to review it since... "plans are made to be changed"!"
"I recommend this course not only for research projects, but for projects in general in any aspect of life. In my case it helped also to decrease anxiety levels by being learning how to be more realistic with deadlines, etc."
"This project management course highlighted to me simple practical tools how to design a certain course of action more comprehensively finally leading to a greater pleasure in its realization."
"Project-management skills are required in most aspects of (scientific) work and also everyday life. However, related tasks are often done unconsciously. This course gives an well-strucured overview of PM aspects and provides handy tools and techniques for efficiently managing all kinds of projects and is therefore beneficial for basically everybody."
"This class is highly recommended for all who plan or is expect soon to take a lead on a project."
"The course made me aware of some PM techniques that I had been using previously without knowing. At the same time, I learned a lot more about effective PM. I'm certain this course will help me a great deal soon."
"This course provides a very comprehensive insight into PM. I am convinced that scientists at their early career should attend such courses to pursue a successful PhD, Postdoc...."
"You are learning very important tools to really become master of your projects."
"I recomment the course to Postdocs, project managers, or assistant professors to get the tools and awareness of the importance of planning."

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