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The PM-CUBE: a guide for Professors, Postdocs, PhD Candidates, Master students

Invaluable for researchers of any field, the Project Management-Cube (PM-Cube) is a practical tool that will enable you to successfully manage the complexity of your projects and to deliver high-quality results.

Written for professors, scientists, postdocs, PhD candidates and master students, as well as anyone else, the PM-Cube will allow you to:

      • plan your work while maintaining flexibility
      • write convincing research proposals
      • lead performing teams
      • communicate and supervise effectively
      • find innovative solutions
      • control the course of projects
      • work in a more relaxed manner

All steps of the PM-Cube are embedded in the story of a PhD candidate that was facing difficulties due to the exploratory character of her project. Applying the project management methods enables her to tackle them and to regain the joy of doing research.

Create your own PM-Cube by downloading its template and print it on heavy paper. Have fun rolling your cube from time to time to re-consider one of the methods appearing on its top! Or fill it with small rewards to treat yourself after having re-applied one of them.

The free PM-Cube App (see below) has been developed to enable you to access this knowledge wherever you are.

If you are still hesitating to apply the PM-Cube, read the testimonials of trained researchers. Already thousands of them have applied the PM-Cube and were enthusiastic. Additional testimonials are included in the book.

Research projects are unique explorations that require a multitude of (new) skills to succeed. Therefore, never stop learning!

Published 2019
By Dr. Carine Galli Marxer
ISBN Paperback 978-3-9525131-6-3 (original version printed in Switzerland, A5 format)
ISBN Paperback 978-3-9525131-9-4 (printed worldwide, A5 format)
ISBN Paperback 978-3-9525131-8-7 (printed worldwide, 6″x9″ format)

ISBN E-book 978-3-9525131-2-5 (Kindle)
ISBN E-book 978-3-9525131-9-4 (worldwide by Kobo, Barnes&Noble, Apple Books and others)

Unit price Paperback: 28 CHF (ca. 28 EUR)
Unit price E-book:      9.99 US$ (ca. 9 EUR)

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The free PM-Cube App ©

This App summarizes all methods that are necessary to successfully manage (research) projects.
It has been primarily developed for the participants of my trainings. Therefore, only the main information is given for each method.

Further explanations are given in the book Project Management For Success in Research (see upper).

For this totally new remodeled version, I chose a web-based format in order to better serve everyone and to be independent of the existing app coding formats.
Its layout has been specially designed for mobile phones. However, the App can also be viewed from a larger screen (I advise you to reduce the width of your browser window).

LINK TO THE APP (Version 2.0, Jan 2020)

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