Kick-off and closure meetings

To define/close your collaboration or officially inform external stakeholders
12′ video
BONUS: 22′ introductory video to project management

CHF 17.00

What are the 3 different kick-off meetings that can take place in projects, and how should you close your meeting?

When should you get this know-how?
As soon as you want to develop a future collaboration, or when all team members have been hired. Or during the execution of the project, and at its end.

kick-off meeting, closure meeting

Also included:
- Introductory video about project management in research
- Presented slides
- Template of the PM-Cube
- Link to the PM-Cube App

Duration of the videos: 12 + 22 minutes
Duration of access to the videos: 1 week

Trainer on the videos: Carine Galli Marxer
Language of the videos: English