Controlling of the project

To keep the team focused and the sponsor satisfied.
18′ video
BONUS: 22′ introductory video to project management

CHF 23.00

Which activities and documents enable you to ensure that you are going in the right direction and that your team stays focused? By controlling the course of your project... considering that the aim of project controlling is NOT to stick to your first plan, but to make sure that your sponsor will be satisfied with the outcome.

When should you apply this method?
As soon as a project contract is signed.

Project controlling, magic triangle, costs, time, scope

Also included:
- Introductory video about project management in research
- Presented slides
- Template of the PM-Cube
- Link to the PM-Cube App

Duration of the videos: 18 + 22 minutes
Duration of access to the videos: 1 week

Trainer on the videos: Carine Galli Marxer
Language of the videos: English