Juggle all my activities and live a fulfilled life (6w)

To enjoy every day and do what matters to YOU!
For everyone,
also for non-researchers.
Online workshop: 3 sessions over 6 weeks.
Limited to 25 participants.
In English.

CHF 189.00

How can I do what matters to me, still considering all the different duties I have in my private and professional life?

In this online workshop, we will consider the different aspects of the Life-Management-Pyramid©.
Step after step, it will enable us to become a better comprehension of ourselves and our actual life situation.
Individually, as well as in exchange with the other participants, everyone will define her/his next steps in order to live a more fulfilled life.

Active participation of the participants is mandatory. No prior knowledge is required.

This workshop consists of the following 5 sessions:

  1. Online session (2h): introductory meeting
  2. Individual work (over ca. 2 weeks): participants reflect on their own situation
  3. Online session (2h): meeting to individually define a plan in order to live a more fulfilled life
  4. Individual work (over ca. 4 weeks): participants implement their first resolution(s)
  5. Online session (1h): closing meeting

Some keywords
Life management, work-life integration/balance, fulfilled life, energized life

Also included:
- Slides presented
- Template of the Life-Management-Pyramid

Duration: a total of 5 hours online. Personal work is required between the 3 online sessions.

Online platform used: . It will be required to use a computer/laptop since this platform is not working on tablets/cell phones. However, it will allow us to interact much more freely as if we would be on-site! You will get the link 3 days before the session.

Number of participants: max. 25, and min. 4
Language: English
Trainer: Dr. Carine Galli Marxer

Additional information

Not performed in 2024

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