The PM-Cube methods + course certificate

Learn the project management (PM) methods that will enable you to successfully manage all your (research) projects!
No prior knowledge is required. For senior and junior researchers, as well as any project team member.
6 hours of videos + 60′ online meeting with trainer + certificate
30% discount on videos

CHF 565.00

Enjoy 6 hours of videos to discover the PM-Cube and all its methods that have already allowed thousands of researchers, regardless of their field and their position, to successfully manage the complexity of their projects and to deliver high-quality results.
All methods are exemplified with a research example.

All these methods can also be applied to non-research projects, also to private ones.

The PM-Cube will allow you to:

  • plan your work while maintaining flexibility
  • write convincing proposals
  • lead performing teams
  • communicate effectively
  • find innovative solutions
  • control projects
  • work in a more relaxed manner

Target group
Junior as well as senior researchers, and anyone interested in project management.
No prior knowledge of project management is necessary, but experience in research is advantageous to better understand the examples.

System analysis, stakeholder analysis, objectives, deliverables, work breakdown structure WBS, sub-projects, work package, tasks, milestones, plan, Gantt chart, resource plan, budget, risk analysis, team, roles and responsibilities, communication, communication plan, project handbook, contracts, kick-off meetings, closure meeting, project controlling, research proposal

Also included:
- Slides presented in the videos (pdf)
- Template of the PM-Cube
- Link to the PM-Cube App

How to get your certificate

  1. Apply all the methods to one of your running projects, or invented one (no special software needed).
    You will need at least 20-25 hours of work for this (watching time included)
  2. Send your results to the trainer for review (email)
  3. Contact the trainer to set up a 1-hour online meeting to get feedback on your results and clarify unclarities
  4. You will then get a certificate of attendance corresponding to a 2 days workshop

Duration of the videos: 6 hours
Duration of access to the videos: 3 months
Individual working time (watching time included): at least 20-25 hours

Trainer: Carine Galli Marxer

60' online meeting with the trainer: date and time to be set up at least 2 weeks in advance. The meeting will take place using the Meet platform (Google).

Language of the videos: English
Language of the online meeting: English, French or German