Risk analysis

To measure the feasibility of a project and pro-actively mitigate risks
36′ video
BONUS: 22′ introductory video to project management

CHF 44.00

Which typical risks can we encounter in (research) projects? How can we analyze them? How can we define mitigating measures, and how can we prioritize them?

When should you get this know-how?
When writing a project proposal.

Risk, probability of occurrence, risk impact, risk factor, mitigating measures

Also included:
- Introductory video about project management in research
- Presented slides
- Template of the PM-Cube
- Link to the PM-Cube App

Duration of the videos: 36 + 22 minutes
Duration of access to the videos: 1 week

Trainer on the videos: Carine Galli Marxer
Language of the videos: English