Certificate for project management course

To prove that you acquired the knowledge to successfully manage projects.
20′ meeting with the trainer and certificate mentioning an intensive 3-day online workshop.
Pdf in English with your name and title.

CHF 149.00

Researchers are acquiring experience in project management while performing their research projects. However, they usually never get dedicated training enabling them to demonstrate their skills when looking for positions outside of academia.

Therefore, such a certificate might be quite useful.

How to get your certificate
Only for people having followed the entire workshop "Project management for successful researchers (7w)":

  1. Apply all the methods of the PM-Cube while performing the Training in project management
  2. In the end, send your results to the trainer for review (email)
  3. Contact the trainer to set up a 20' online meeting to get feedback on your results
  4. You will then get a certificate of attendance corresponding to a 3-day online workshop