Communication in (research) projects (3.5h)

To create a healthy, motivating and productive working environment.
Online workshop for senior, junior researchers as well as any project team member.
In English. Limited to 30 participants.

CHF 139.00

Communication is like oil that you add to gears. If it is of high quality, then the machinery will work perfectly, people will enjoy working on that project and the sponsor(s) will be satisfied because of the high-quality performance of the team.

In contrast, if the communication is bad, misunderstandings and conflicts will occur, people will be frustrated and the project won't develop well. In the worst case, people will leave the project, which might have severe consequences!

In this online workshop, we will review the key elements when communicating in research (and other) projects.
Active participation of the participants is mandatory. No prior knowledge is required.

Most of the topics addressed in this workshop are also covered in the Training called "Project management for successful researchers". 

Some keywords
Stakeholders, the communication process, cultural aspects in communication, group dynamics, leadership styles, communication styles, conflicts, the delegation of tasks

Duration: 3.5 hours

Online platform used: Meet (Google). You will get the link 3 days before the session.

Number of participants: max. 25, and min. 4
Language: English
Trainer: Dr. Carine Galli Marxer