Managing (research) projects with high quality (3.5h)

To do the right things the right way and deliver high-quality results.
Online workshop for senior, junior researchers as well as any project team member.
In English. Limited to 30 participants.

CHF 139.00

In the private sector, assuring quality is usually a question of economic survival.
In academia, delivering high-quality results is a question of legitimation, especially when the funds are coming from the taxpayers.

In this online workshop, we will look at the key elements that enable researchers to work with high quality.
Active participation of the participants is mandatory. No prior knowledge is required.

Most of the topics addressed in this workshop are also covered in the Training called "Project management for successful researchers". 

Some keywords
Quality management, project management, sponsorship, supervision, communication, project proposals, team spirit

Duration: 3.5 hours

Online platform used: Meet (Google). You will get the link 3 days before the session.

Number of participants: max. 30, and min. 4
Language: English
Trainer: Dr. Carine Galli Marxer