Project manager vs. manager: what are the differences? (1h)

To better understand the complementarity of both roles.
Online workshop for senior and junior researchers.
In English.

CHF 38.00

The main purpose of academia is to train people in specific areas, who will later serve the other sectors (private, governmental, etc.). Senior researchers have quite large autonomy and therefore might play multiple roles at the same time.

The purpose of this online workshop is to analyze the main differences between the duty and responsibilities that managers, respectively project managers, have. This knowledge might help researchers to better understand their own situation, and eventually choose their future career path.

No prior knowledge is required.

Some keywords
Management, project management, organization types, leadership

Duration: 1 hour

Online platform used: Meet (Google). You will get the link 3 days before the session.

Number of participants: no restriction
Language: English
Trainer: Dr. Carine Galli Marxer