Project management for successful researchers (7w)

To write convincing proposals, deliver high-quality results, lead performing teams and work in a more relaxed manner.
Online workshop with individual and live sessions.
For senior and junior researchers.
In English. Limited to 20 participants

CHF 599.00

  • What is a project, and how can I write convincing proposals and ensure a successful outcome?
  • How can I plan my research while maintaining high flexibility?
  • How can risks be mitigated?
  • How to communicate effectively and lead performing teams?
  • How can I guide and control my projects in a meaningful way?

This blended e-learning training enables researchers of any field, independently of their position, to acquire basic knowledge in project management. The PM-Cube is a practical tool developed by the trainer that has allowed thousands of researchers to successfully manage the complexity of their projects and deliver high-quality results.

The well-balanced mixture of individual and group sessions ensures the best learning experience. As a participant, you will first discover the different methods that are exemplified in a research project. Then you will apply that knowledge to one of your running/invented projects (any kind is suitable, also “easy” ones!). During the live sessions, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and exchange with the other participants. Finally, group exercises will address further topics related to communication within research projects, enabling you to build a very strong knowledge.

This training consists of the following 6 sessions:

  1. Life session (1.5h): introductory meeting
  2. Individual session (ca. 2-3 weeks): participants watch the first videos describing the first methods, and apply that knowledge to one of their running/invented project. Typical working time needed: 8.5 hours
  3. Life session (4h)
  4. Individual session (ca. 3 weeks): last videos. Typical working time: 10 hours
  5. Life session (4h)
  6. Life session (3h) taking place within a week

Target group
Junior as well as senior researchers, and anyone interested in project management.
No prior knowledge of project management is necessary, but experience in research is advantageous to better understand the examples.

System analysis, stakeholder analysis, objectives, deliverables, work breakdown structure WBS, sub-projects, work package, tasks, milestones, plan, Gantt chart, resource plan, budget, risk analysis, team, roles and responsibilities, communication, communication plan, project handbook, contracts, kick-off meetings, closure meeting, project controlling, research proposal

Also included:
- Slides presented in the videos (pdf)
- Template of the PM-Cube
- Link to the PM-Cube App

IT requirements

  • A good internet connection. All videos can be viewed using conventional video players on computers/tablets/smartphones
  • Meet from Google will be used for the life session (no account required).

Number of participants: max. 20, and min. 4

Language: English

Trainer: Dr. Carine Galli Marxer


Additional information

Session August-October 2024

August 27, 2024: 12:00-13:30
September 17, 2024: 8:30-12:30
October 7, 2024: 13:30-17:30
October 9, 2024: 14:30-17:30